The Reason

30 Days. No grains, No wheat, No flour, No dairy, No added sugar, No beans or legumes,  No preservatives, and No prepackaged foods. Am I up for the challenge? Only the next 30 days will tell….

I started this Journey for a few reasons

  • I am a Dietitian/Nutritionist and have never fully believed that removing a whole food group(s) could ever lead to anything good. Even for a short amount of time.  Could it be another hoax?
  • I have personally struggled with unknown GI issues for years. Elimination of most intolerable food groups to allow gut healing and slowly incorporating those foods back in could help detect the culprit(s).
  • I hate discipline. It sucks. But, as a believer it is crucial to our spiritual growth and continuing sanctification. Planning meals, spending hours cooking, slapping my hand for trying to eat ice cream….all are little gardens where discipline can be cultivated.

So 30 days. April 15th to May 14th.  30 days to determine truth or hoax? To have a cure-all to stomach pains? To gain a greater sense of discipline? The goals are lofty and time will tell if Whole30 (or better, myself) can stand up to the test.

Here I aim to be honest. To share the the sweet moments as well as the bitter disappointments. To write down each day how food reacts with my body and drives my particular emotions.

Thank you for following along!

The link to the official Whole 30 program with all of the guidelines and reasons by the founders is pasted below.


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