….I am halfway there?

(Written April 30th)

Halfway Point

Monday marked the halfway point of Whole30! It is hard to believe that it is only downhill from here. To Celebrate, I caved and bought the book where all this came from “It Starts with Food”. Websites are great. Blogs are awesome. But I crave to know from the source answers to restriction questions.  After making it past the hangover phase and initial withdrawal of the first week or so, now I desire to know “why?”. Why no beans? Why no snacking? These are just a few.

I am learning that this is a springboard to a lifetime of learning healthy habits and having a good relationship with food. That I won’t be on this elimination diet forever. That is not the idea. It is a restart. Upon reflection, I have come to appreciate the boundaries. If someone brings in candy to work (which has literally happened Everyday this week), I have to say no. There is no way around it. Whole30 says no sugar, so no sugar. It is easy to blame saying no on a bunch of rules. But what is going to happen on day 31, when the rules are over? What will be my excuse? Will I give in to the peer pressure? I have only two more weeks to make that decision.

These past two weeks have been hard, but good. Hard still breaking old habits. Having rice with curry. Or enjoying a glass of wine with housemates. Spending more money than I ever want to on food. But good. Discovering newfound energy. Less stomach pain and discomfort. I get to be in the kitchen with purpose. To experience a glimpse of life into the reality of having a food allergy….or better yet, multiple food allergies.

Each day as the end draws closer seems to get just a bit easier. My body feels better. My housemates are telling me that I look thinner (though I beg to differ….part of the program is no weighing yourself until it is over, so we shall see then). I crave running and exercise. Did you get that last one? I crave exercise. Insane. I know now that there truly is a correlation with the food I was taking in and the way it was making my body feel. I thought I was eating healthy overall. And maybe I was for the average American. But for my body, not so much. The first two weeks after Whole30 is the reintroduction phase. This is where you introduce one food group at a time for 3-5 days and evaluate the way your body reacts to it, then eliminate it and start on the next food group. I am looking forward to that part most. I want to know what is causing the pain, the fogginess, and the grogginess that was occurring every day. If it is dairy, that stinks. But, I don’t want the way I am feeling now to go away, so dare I say, so long ice cream. It goes the same with gluten. Though thankfully, I have dear friends with wonderful bread-making talents and a plethora of gluten-free products on the market these days.


Two weeks down, two weeks to go.

He has brought me thus far, and already my Joy is unspeakable.

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  1. CandyPants says:

    Why do more people choose gluten free diets?

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