Testing Boundaries

I never have been one to eat out much. Too expensive. I enjoy cooking. I am a snob about food. Many reasons. But, like every other bad desire coming out of the woodwork these past few weeks, going out to eat has surfaced. And with it comes new challenges. I have eaten out 4 times in the past two weeks, and it has been…..dare I say…fun. I get to be a modern day Sherlock Holmes scanning menus and interrogating waitstaff for food clues. There is a thrill that comes with it. Here are the results of those adventures:


Breakfast power bowl from Panera’s Hidden menu. The entire menu is based on a slow carb model and influence of a Panera Exec, Scott Davis. All of it is Whole30 approved except for the hummus on one of the lunch salads. This breakfast bowl has spinach, turkey, egg whites, red peppers, and basil pesto.


Chick-fli-A Grilled nuggets and mustard with a fruit side salad. Topped off with an unsweetened iced tea


Cheddars: Grilled chicken and shrimp with diced tomatoes and pineapple. Steamed broccoli and carrots.

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