The Glad Surrender

Embracing discipline

Sharing some inserts from a crucial book to my current walk with the Lord:

“LORD why do you not answer my prayer and take away my desire to eat?”

“Then what would you have to do?”

“I saw at once that I had a responsibility. I wouldn’t have any had I no temptation to eat. I realized God was not going to make it easy for me—I had to start disciplining myself and trust Him to help me with my decision”

Does discipline save us?

No. It is Christ who saves us.

Discipline is not my claim on Christ, but the evidence if His claim on me.

Discipline, for a Christian, begins with the body.

It is our living sacrifice. Our spiritual act of worship.

Our habits hold us. We must be broken of these to be free for the Lord’s service.

We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies for ourselves.

Reasons for discipline in the form or food restriction/fasting:

  • It helps us identify with the hungry. Who we are easy to forget
  • It draws us into prayer
  • It softens us to God’s plans and callings
  • It makes us reflect
  • It is used greatly by the Holy Spirit

I am starting to feel it this week. The ache inside. The battle within my being raging on between staying strong and giving in. Not for specific foods or cravings. But for reasons. Reasons for why I am doing this. Are they good enough?  Is He good enough to stick this out for? Is denying myself a typical diet for the sake of growing closer to the LORD worth it?

Of course it is. Nothing else compares.

Day to day though, that decision does not seem as easy.


What I have found most surprising is that self-control is the hardest in social circles. Especially in those of people who love and care about you. This was an unheard thought. I assumed that being around people while partaking in this would bring forth encouragement and accountability. And yes, it has. But there is this entirely different level of learning how to adjust to your “new” diet and their normal one.

This weekend was the birthday of a dear friend. I got to make a few cakes for his celebration. (It was a blast actually because he is gluten-free so I got to experiment with different recipes to find a good one that fit the criteria, yet was still yummy). I anticipated not being able to taste test the cakes (I used a not-so-eager housemate for this one) and it turned out well. But what I did not anticipate was the actual celebration that came later. The cake. The ice cream. The laughter and lighthearted-ness. All wonderful things. All based in the kitchen. Around food that was “not allowed”.  It was not as easy as I imagined it to be. The hard part was not saying “no” to food (that again, was a lot easier than I thought), but answering the questions over and over “why are you not eating?” or “Is it really that serious? You can’t cheat even for one day?” Unknowingly, the kind and sweet comments of friends became seeds of doubt that, if not quickly cut off, would grow deep.  Confession and prayer became staples of those hours.

Discipline does not only happen with physically saying “no” and refraining. It must be refined in thought as well. I want to be able to look back from this and say I was glad to surrender these things to the LORD to draw nearer in truth and understanding.

Lesson learned.


“You do not belong to yourselves. You were bought at a price. Then honor God in your body.”

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