I have…..Energy?

It is day 5 into Whole30. The headaches were nonexistent today and my stomach feels normal. No stomach pains or weird noises like before I started it. But denial kicks in. It has only been one day of this, so we shall see.

Meals are smaller and I am not as hungry as usual.

What is more crazy is that I have energy. Not just a get-up-and-get-on-the-road type of energy. But the kind of energy that leaves me antsy and wanting to run a 10K just to expel some of it. Willingly singing at the top of my lungs. Going on off the road adventures just to see what is out there. No caffeine, no sugar. I was a skeptic when the Whole30 program raved about how much energy you would gain from avoiding these foods. Now, I am more so a believer. 

Lesson for Today:  Larabars and Naked smoothies are AMAZING!!! Dairy free, soy free, gluten free, vegan, no added sugar. Finally something portable that I can have one the go. 


Dinner on the go last night with a Blueberry “muffin” Larabar and Mighty Mango Naked smoothie.

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