Huddling Hangover

Only two points are worth noting of today’s adventures

I have lost count of the amount of ibuprofen that have been consumed today. I also lost  count after 8 Liters of water how much was taken in. This headache/body adjusting/detoxing phase I know is good in the long run. But.It.Still.Sucks.

I bought bacon. Yup. First time in history. It was turkey bacon, yes…but bacon none the less. Eating eggs as breakfast for the next 27 days straight seemed like a slip-up waiting to happen. Attempting to try something again can be a good thing, right? All my dear college friends would be so proud. They attempted for years to convince me to embrace the meat. From breakfast brunch scrambles to bacon shakes. Never a go though.

Lesson from Today: Water really is a cure-all for most aliments.  So chug up.

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