It is only 30 days. Suck it up, Princess.

(Posted for April 15th)

11am on day 1 and I am already about to kill someone. I was warned here ( ) what I could expect in the first 7 days from my body. But, it was as if I had skipped day one and went right to day three. Stomach pains that only got worse with the more fruit and vegetables I ate, and a throbbing headache that would not go away, no matter how much water I drank. This was humbling. They say this painful phase of the program is directly proportional to the amount of junk you consumed before you began the program. I eat healthy. I know how to balance meals and to stay away from too much sugar. I have practiced nutrition for 7 years Gosh-Darn-It! If that claim is true, why am I in so much pain?? Well…I can lie to the world about not always being that perfect, but to my body, no secrets are kept. Ouch.

I had started Whole30 a day earlier than planned due to anxiety. I was thankful to be done sooner, but regretted not planning for that first day of change. Below is the lunch and Image

snacks that I brought. (Most of which was from an en route trip to Kroger that morning). Good fruit and vegetable choices overall, but with my stomach, head, and the gloomy day outside, warmth was calling in the form of soup.

As was the snack station in the break room….


For days like these where I am the biggest of brats, which I am sure will come again very soon, I have printed off a very handy little reminder from a dear friend to stick on the fridge:

#whole30 @Ariel Kuykendall

I have to remind myself as to why i am doing this again and again. For gut heath. For RD education. For an increase in self-discipline.

Suck it up I will.


Lesson for Today: Sweet Potatoes really do make the world better. Cranky? Seriously, eat one. It will change everything.

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