Without a doubt in my mind, I can say that this day started much better than the previous. After conversation with some housemates, it came to my attention that I had been cutting out complex carbohydrates for days prior to actually starting Whole30, hence the 3-day advanced “hangover” and “let me kill the world” feelings that were overwhelming immediately. Today: no crankiness, no tiredness, only slightly hungry, ready for a challenge.

Some of my housemates have decided to come along in someway during this journey. And what a blessing that is! One is going to cut out all chocolate for the 30 days. The other is fully participating in Whole 30 with me! The second one does not know how to cook so I have offered to make both of our meals for most days. Harder, yes. Increased accountability in needing to cook for someone else as well? Indeed so!

No serious cravings or desires to quit today. Even when some of my housemates where eating ice cream. Shocking.

Today was also a day of new snacks and crazy experiments to help ease

I spent about 30 mins pinning meals and ideas to start planning for the rest of the month here http://pinterest.com/courtcart/journey-of-whole30/ and found some pretty crazy things that I was interested in trying. I have listed a few of tonight’s adventures below. *Shoutout to my housemates for letting me smell up the house and turning them into test rabbits for a lot of these.*

Homemade Mayo/ Ranch Dressing photo (2)

From scratch Mayo….ahem, Ranch Dressing. The plan for this one was to make a Whole30 approved mayo (Found here: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/06/03/the-secret-to-homemade-mayo-patience/) but I have always hated Mayo and was going to turn the idea into Ranch dressing. It proved to be easier than I thought because I outright messed up the emulsion of egg and lemon juice and had a liquid thick consistency.

photo (4)      photo (5)

Dinner for today: Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie.

Homemade ketchup. I did not have some of the ingredients called for so creativity played around.

photo (7)

Dates and coconut. It is that simple.

Lesson for Today: Afraid to make something homemade? Don’t be! Google a recipe and try it out. If it fails, the worse is that you are out the ingredients. But who knows, maybe your flop will turn out to be something spectacular!

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